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We all do flirt with our friends and with Girlfriend or Boyfriend because of flirting add fun and little bit enjoyment in a relationship and flirting boos the relationship health and happiness. If your partner or friend feeling low or maybe he or she sad, so with the help of flirting you can make her or him laugh and they feel good. Flirting is a right way to cheer up the mood and make your mood naughty and romantic. Doing flirting in texts or chatting is the most amazing feeling and it will give a lot of happiness and cheer up the mood. Having flirt in chatting is plays important role in a relationship because it generates spark and happiness in a relationship. To live happy in a relationship and make your relationship stronger. You need flirting in your relationship for fun and spark.

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Now the question is how to do flirting with your partner in chatting? So don't take any stress Nalika Singh  passionate Delhi girl will solve your all problems here. To do nice and healthy flirting with your partner while you are chatting you need to be naughtier and be in the mood. Flirting is like a little bit of seduction and it wants some efforts and you need to first make your mood. To do flirting you need to go closer and physically attached to your partner because physical attachment is very important. To start flirting with your partner you need to use naughtier Emoji's in chatting like heart shape and many more.

Emoji plays important role in flirting because it tells your partner that you are in the naughty mood and you are doing flirting. When start to give more and naughtier compliments to your partner that is also considered as flirting. Give your partner naughty compliments is also a part of flirting and it really helps to make your partner mood and cheer up the mood. To do flirting with your partner, you just need to send more texts to him or her so that they understand your feelings and show interest in chatting.

But keep in mind too much flirting and texting is also bad for a relationship because too many texts will make your partner mood angry or maybe they will get irritated from too many texts so just be in limits. You just need to understand the texts needs and understand your partner like according to a survey if a female texts you more then it means she is really happy with you but when a male texts you more, it means he is not happy with you. So you need to understand the texts techniques and its limited.

Keep in mind that when your partner gives you compliments in texting then both of you feel good and positive because it is the genuine thing that happens in relationship. So just send good compliments to your partner to do flirting with them and feel them good. With the help of healthy texting and doing flirting in texting you can solve your relationship issues and problems. Texting is really very helpful to solve relationship issues because your partner read texts carefully and understand you better.

You need to understand your partner because understanding is very important in a relationship. When men go for doing work they do not like to do chatting because chatting divert his mind from work and he will get irritated from you, so you need to understand your men and don't disturb him when he is doing serious work. So do flirting in texting is the right idea to cheer up your partner mood and you need to do flirting with limits and need to understand your partner better.      

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